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What is FoundationGIVE?

FoundationGIVE helps fund classrooms and activities by strengthening the partnership between school foundations, classrooms, and communities to produce the best educational outcomes possible.

Classroom teachers. Specials teachers. Parent/teacher organizations. Student clubs. At some point in time, each of them will have a specific need that would go unfulfilled without some assistance from outside resources. That’s where FoundationGIVE comes in.

Our platform helps connect their needs with individual donors, community businesses and grant programs. FoundationGIVE is your one place to manage all of your classroom-led initiatives.


Classrooms Are at the Core.

When it comes to schools, the classroom is the foundation of learning. Because of that, no one has a better understanding of what students need—resources, tools, and technology—than the classroom teacher. In recent years, teachers and parent/teacher organizations have turned to crowdfunding to fill unmet gaps in classroom resources. FoundationGIVE was developed to make it easier for these teachers and PTOs to run their campaigns by centralizing the associated approval, compliance, and administrative processes. It also gives your foundation more exposure to the outcomes of these efforts.


Community Connections Can Always be Stronger.

Communities play an essential role in the growth and development of their young people. School foundations are critical when it comes to involving the business community in this growth. Building and managing those relationships is a challenge, though, especially when companies are offering in-kind products and services to benefit community students. Because of that, opportunities provided by community business is often unclaimed. At other times, their donations are distributed unequally across a district’s schools. FoundationGIVE is meant to help solve these challenges and fulfill every possible opportunity by providing a marketplace where teachers can explore all of the available partnerships.

We at Cramp School thank you in advance for considering funding one or more of our most critical partnerships. We invite you to come and visit our school so that you may see firsthand the positive impact your generosity will make.

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Thank you!