Logan School Creed:

I am a winner of excellence in every way.

What I think, I can write, I can read, and I can say.

I will always say “yes” to right. I will always say “no” to wrong.

With all others, I will try to get along.

Respect I’ll give, respect I’ll earn. I know that I come to Logan School to learn.

There are some things no one can take from me: my pride, my self-discipline and my awesome dignity!

I will do my best to excel in every way, for I am a winner of excellence today and always.

Educational Resources

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LexiaiReadyMystery ScienceTimes for Kids
Storyline OnlineKhan AcademySciShow Kids (Video)Scholastic Learn at Home
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Read Write Think

Wide Open School
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Animated Math
Models (Tutorials)
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5th Grade
Discovery KidsVirtual Museum Tours


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Digital Literacy **
Tessellation CreatorMatch the Rhythm GameGo
The Museum of Modern Art New York CityNote Names
Kindergarten Activities
1st and 2nd Grade
3rd – 5th Grade
Learn about Instruments in the Orchestra**Students must
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Fresh Artist Memory Game
Silly Drawing Prompts
What Is It??